Friday, February 27, 2009

I hate refill streams

Painfully familiar rant at Gizmodo called Why I Now Hate Epson Printers, and the answer boils down to, they've taken the refill stream of ink cartridges to an almost DRM-ed level of insanity.

Familiar for me; I just trashed my Canon and replaced it with a $150.00 networkable black and white laser printer. At 3,500 pages between cartridges, I hope to go many years without having to suddenly run out to Staples in the middle of a print job.

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sadolan said...

My pet peeve is that Staples ad where they claim that shopping at Staples is so economical that you will no longer have to resort to cost-saving measures such as shaking the toner cartridges. That's not the reason you shake toner cartridges. I'm thinking of organizing an "educational boycott" to help bring this issue to the public's attention.