Monday, June 26, 2006

Keyboard v. Mouse

After many years of loyal DragThing use, I finally gave in and installed Quicksilver. Documentation for all the little key commands is hard to track down, but I already find that for me, the keyboard is a lot faster than hunting for an icon in a dock. Even if my hands start from off the keyboard, it feels like zero effort to hit control-space (to bring up Quicksilver) and type i-c-a, enter, to launch iCal.

This definitely has something to do with visual vs. verbal proficiencies, so YMMV. My hands are clumsy at most things, but not at operating a keyboard. There is probably some way in which the linguistic centers in the brain can get in the driver's seat to operate my fingers so long as I am using them to manipulate abstract symbols, instead of, say, a hammer. I wonder if anyone has done any research around this?


sadolan said...

I find that my fingers fumble through letters and words in pretty much the same way that my tongue does. So yes, I think there might be something to that theory.

sadolan said...

I don't mean, by the way, that I type using my tongue. You know what I mean.

jkkmmck said...

Now I'm using LaunchBar instead. I like it better even though it is not as cool.